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The law office of Bellenot & Boufford, LLC is celebrating twenty-five years in business. Attorney  Kathy Boufford has been working with Attorney Ron Bellenot, Sr. for twenty of those years – “a feat by both of us,” she says. Five years ago the office moved from Monroe to Newtown, just in time for its twentieth anniversary. Both attorneys enjoy being in Newtown and say the time flew by. “We are fortunate to have been able to offer our services to so many people for so long,” says Attorney Bellenot. The office has represented thousands of people over the years.

Attorney Boufford notes, “when you’ve been in business a long time and you’re a small office, you often get asked similar questions about how you’ve made it so long. I jokingly respond, “pure tenacity.” But the truth is, Ron and I complement each other – not just in personality – but in the areas of law we practice. This has not only worked well for us, but for our clients.”  Attorney Bellenot represents people in bankruptcy, foreclosure and criminal defense. Attorney Boufford represents people in divorce and other family matters as well as people injured at work. “It is not uncommon for problems to follow problems,” explains Attorney Boufford, “and when problems overlap into other areas of law, Ron and I can usually refer our clients to each other for assistance.” Sometimes that assistance is in the form of answering a few quick questions, sometimes it is consulting fully with the client and sometimes it involves full representation. “There is often no need to wait, make an appointment, “start over” with another attorney’s office or even to re-explain the situation because we just take care of it,” says Attorney Bellenot. This advantage normally results in a quicker, less expensive resolution for their clients.

“We are also very practical,” adds Attorney Bellenot. “We listen to our client’s issues and then develop a plan keeping cost-effectiveness in mind.” For the attorneys, this means they are not going to file five motions when one motion will do.   They often try to work things out with letters and discussion prior to even filing pleadings with the courts. This method is not always met with reciprocity by opposing attorneys. “Some attorneys won’t negotiate unless we are in court. Some file formal pleadings for every issue – no matter how insignificant. They and some clients may think this is good lawyering. Ron and I disagree. While there are some clients that want to have their day in court, most people just want their legal matter resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Full hearings and court trials take their toll both financially and emotionally.”

The attorneys state that a good percentage of their business comes from past and current client referrals and from area business contacts.   Attorney Boufford serves on the leadership team for the Newtown Flagpole BNI chapter, a business group, and is a member of the Newtown Working Women’s networking group. Attorney Bellenot serves on the leadership team for the Business Bobcats BNI chapter, as a board member for the Monroe Chamber of Commerce and also volunteers his time each month at informational meetings hosted by the Housing Development Fund.   Both are members and also support the Newtown Chamber of Commerce in their various activities.

Attorneys Bellenot and Boufford look forward to continuing to provide knowledgeable and zealous representation to those who need their services. Additional information about the attorneys and the areas of law they practice can be found at and or by calling 203-304-9050.

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