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We represent, consult with and advise people with financial concerns or questions every day. We work with individuals, couples, families and businesses. We see people at all stages of financial crisis. From those who have never missed a payment and have a 750 credit score, to those who are about to lose their home next week and at every phase in between. The one thing I have learned in the last 21 plus years is it is never too early to seek information.

There are many options available to everyone in dealing with economic troubles. The sooner you address your situation, the more options you will have available to you. Options and opportunities will pass you by if you wait. The longer you wait, the fewer options available, and thus, the less control you have over your future.

There are also different consequences to various options. You need to be informed as to all the ramifications of whatever decision you make.

Common mistakes people make:

Ignoring one’s financial circumstances.

It doesn’t matter if you will miss your first payment ever next month or you haven’t paid in a year and your account is in collection. You need to be proactive and now, wherever you are in the process. (Click for More info)

Depleting one’s 401K or retirement account.

Too many people have come to me after exhausting their retirement account in the hopes of recovering from their financial crisis. In almost every case, using retirement funds did not solve a thing. These people end up in as bad a situation as they were, or worse, and now without any retirement funds. And they end up deeper in debt, with a huge tax obligation. Never use your retirement money until you are fully educated on all other options.

Debt Forgiveness

The economy is so bad that banks are now offering some debtors deals to accept less than they owe, maybe 50% or even 20% of the balance. It sounds good. It is, but there are consequences that you need to consider.

Save your home?

No one wants to lose their home. The first priority is to save your home. That is where we always begin. But can you? Should you?

So Many Other Financial Reconciliation Solutions

There are endless arrays of circumstances you will face. There may be multiple issues and problems that overlap and need to be reconciled, resolved or compromised. The only way to maximize you benefits or limit your damage at whatever stage in the process you are, is to learn all of the options available and the consequences of each. Make a fully educated decision.

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