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How long a chapter 7 bankruptcy requires more than one answer. In most cases, chapter 7 can be said to take one day. Upon the filing of bankruptcy, the debtor(s) are immediately under the protection of the Bankruptcy Stay. Creditors are enjoined from taking or continuing any collection action, including contacting the debtor, from day one.

Approximately 30 days after filing the debtors meet with the Trustee assigned to their case. The Trustee will verify their identity and social security number. He will also ask the debtors to verify the information filed with the court. If everything is in order and there are no outstanding issues, the meeting will be closed. If additional information is required the trustee will continue the case to a future date to obtain the missing information.
The debtor(s) will receive a discharge of their dischargeable debts approximately 60 days after the meeting is closed. The discharge effectively makes the protection received on day one permanent. The case is usually closed a short time after discharge enters. However, if there are assets that the trustee is entitled to pursue, such as waiting for a personal injury case to settle, the case will remain open pending settlement. This does not delay the discharge, so the debtor(s) are still protected from discharged creditors.

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