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Preventing Students from Becoming a Victim of Crime

  • Pay attention to advice given at orientation. Most, if not all schools will identify safety procedures in place.
  • Never be alone. Travel about campus, and off campus, with other trusted students/persons.
  • Students under 21 shouldn’t be drinking alcohol or taking drugs. Intoxication can make a student an easy target. It may also lead the student to make poor judgements that others will take quick advantage of.
  • Do NOT get into a car or accept a ride with anyone you do not know. Verify the identity of the driver for any commercial car service you call. Again, it is best to travel with others.
  • Let someone know where you are going and expect to return.
  • Don’t participate in any hazing ritual.
  • If you attend a party or function, leave the moment you notice dangerous or illegal behavior.
  • Never have sexual contact with anyone who is intoxicated or high. Never have sexual contact when you are intoxicated or high. NO means NO. YES can also mean NO when someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Police and prosecutors will always take the position that a person under the influence is not capable of giving voluntary, informed consent.
  • Have a plan to avoid or leave a bad situation without incident.
  • Students – never be afraid to ask for help, especially from your parents.
  • Parents – let your child know it is all right to call, no matter what.

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