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Traditional Food Fight Leads To Arrest
Nothing Is Trivial To Many School Officials.

It’s Senior Day, and as tradition has it, there will be a food fight in the cafeteria. Unbeknownst to the students, the new principal will not tolerate this. So the teachers assigned to the cafeteria during lunch write down the names of all the students who throw hot dogs and potato puffs. The police are called and, one by one, the listed students are called to the office, questioned and arrested. The students lose time from school and the parents must take time off from work to appear in court. There will be more than one court appearance and the expense of hiring an attorney. Some students are prohibited from participating in band, sports and even the prom. At least one is not allowed to attend graduation.

You must be proactive and speak with your child about:

– How to avoid situations like this at school
– The severity of the consequences of breaking the school rules
– While being respectful and cooperative, your child should insist on calling you before speaking to anyone

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