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Yes – This Can Happen To Your Child

It can never happen to my child. That is what all of us parents believe. But all too often even the most innocent children face legal issues that can change the course of their lives.

Peer Pressure & Fear Lead To Possession Charges

He is barely 17: Never missed a school assignment and all work is high quality; strong commitment to education; excellent time management; excellent participation; creative; principled; caring; outgoing, passionate and dedicated; charismatic and charming; works hard and possesses excellent leadership skills. The accolades go on and on from teachers, coaches, employers and others. He was captain of his football team and has volunteered in the community for years. A parent couldn’t be more proud. He has never been in trouble one day in his life.

Then he is invited to a “get together” at a friend’s home. Then he is confronted in his car by police. Then he sits in jail waiting for his parents. Now he is facing multiple charges including DUI, possession of alcohol by a minor and possession of marijuana. He will lose his license, have
issues at school and could end up with a criminal record. His parents must hire an attorney – fast.

What Happened?

He was afraid to offend his friends so he stayed at his house and did things he knew he should not be doing. Things he did not want to do. He was afraid his parents would be upset and disappointed so he didn’t call for help or a ride.

Take Action Today!

You must talk with your children. You must have Zero tolerance for use of alcohol and drugs. But if, God forbid, your child ends up at the wrong place and / or in the wrong situation, they must not be afraid to call for help. Prepare a plan to help your child leave a bad situation without fear.

Our office receives numerous calls from distressed parents who tell us that, the day before, they would have bet their home that this would never happen.  Everyday a good teenager finds himself or herself in trouble. They are still good kids, but now they have to find a way to protect their future.

Protect your child with :

  • Knowledge
  • A plan to avoid or leave a bad situation without incident
  • The understanding that your child can call you anytime for any reason
  • The understanding that your child should not talk to anyone without you being present.

If you do find yourself in a situation where your child is in trouble with the law, please call us to intervene.

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