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As a Family Law Attorney, I know that often getting a court order for receiving alimony or child support payments is only half the battle.  Actually receiving the payments can be very difficult if the paying party address is unknown or they just ignore the court order.  Alimony can be paid out in a lump sum, in periodic sums for a specific amount of time or in periodic sums for a lifetime. Unlike child support, there is no formula for alimony, but in either case the court order must be met.

Case Study – Chasing reluctant obligors for support payments

Our firm recently had two successes in locating and serving two ex-husbands who were in default on their alimony and child support obligations. Both resided out of state. One would not disclose his address and worked at a facility that did not allow service at the workplace. We were aware of where the other was living but he was unemployed/self-employed. Both had been evading service for nearly a year.

While frustrating, Bellenot & Boufford, LLC and their clients were determined to have these parties located and served. We utilized the services of a private investigator in one case, who was able to identify the ex-husband’s residence. Service was made at the residence shortly thereafter. In the other case, we had a friend of our client conduct surveillance and work in conjunction with a cooperative and helpful marshal. The two working together resulted in in-hand service in a public place.

Recovered Support Payments

Case #1 resulted in payment of over $120,000.00 to our client.

Case #2 resulted in payment of over $50,000.00 to our client.

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