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At present it takes a minimum of 90 days to get divorced. I usually tell people it’s more like 4 months from start to finish, assuming it is an uncontested divorce (meaning full agreement on all issues). The paperwork needs to be prepared and served on the other party. It is then returned by the marshal and filed with the court. At that time the 90 day waiting period goes into effect. On the 90th day, a form is filed with the court letting it know the parties are ready to proceed and usually a divorce date can be obtained within a week or two, depending on the court’s schedule. Apparently this is not fast enough for some and a new law has been passed in Connecticut that now allows for some divorces to take place in as quickly as 30 days (!) Seriously. It starts October 1, 2015.

Now, before everyone gets excited, keep in mind that this fast track option only available in certain cases. Some of the requirements include:

  • No children
  • No Social Security Benefits
  • No Pension
  • No real estate interest
  • Total assets limited to $35,000.00 and
  • Married less than 8 years

If a couple meets all of the criteria, they are able to complete paperwork, get documents notarized and file them with the court. The court will then be able to dissolve the marriage without a hearing in as few as 30 days. Concerns about the fast track divorce include not enough time to make an informed decision. This could be a problem since some orders are not able to be modified following judgment. “Haste makes waste,” as the saying goes. The best way to avoid “buyer’s remorse” is to consult an attorney to assist you through the process. Representation can include consultation or mediation.

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