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What: Limited Scope Legal Representation is partial representation which is relatively new and allowed in family legal matters.

How it works: Both the attorney and the client file appearances with the court. The client, with the assistance of the attorney, decide what parts of the matter the attorney will handle and what parts of the matter the client will handle. Each is allowed to work independently but often confer for strategic purposes.

Why: Cost savings and control. Ideally, everyone would be able to afford full representation for their legal matter. Legal representation is expensive and many people just cannot afford the full boat. Limited Scope Representation gives the client the option of representing themselves with the benefit of an attorney for the parts of the case they feel is most important or complicated. It also gives the client more control over how their legal matter proceeds which some people see as a benefit instead of a burden. Up until recently, this hybrid representation was not an option; the attorney was either all in or not. This arrangement makes expert legal assistance available to more people going through family legal issues. The problem is, many people don’t know about it and many attorneys do not discuss it.

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