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The calendar year is only half over, but for those with school-age children, it feels as if it is about to end.  Summer will fly by and the “new year” will start in September (or late August) with the first day of school.  How old is your parenting plan?  How many informal changes have been made to it over the years?  Or perhaps it’s not that old but was not a good “fit” for you or the children from the beginning.  Does it accurately address the current needs and schedules of the children?  Have the parents undergone changes in work or living location that require some adjustments?  Did the original plan include everything it should have?

Most parents don’t return to court or formally update their parenting plans until they run into a problem.  That is always a harder (and more expensive) fix.  Although it’s never pleasant to think about returning to court or putting the time and effort into working with the other parent, it is usually better to be proactive than reactive.  And usually better decisions can made when you are not responding to a crisis situation.  Updating your parenting plan does not have to be a contentious matter.  It can even be handled through mediation.  Interested?  Contact Bellenot & Boufford, LLC to find out more about your options.

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