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If you are arrested in a domestic violence case the odds are a protective order will be issued. There doesn’t even have to be physical violence and you may not be a risk to anyone, but if a protective order is issued, you need to, no you MUST, obey the order.

You may be ordered to stay away from the home of the alleged victim, even if it is your home. You may be ordered to stay away from him or her anywhere they may be. The order may be indefinite and you may have to stay away for months.

You need to stay away! At all costs. If you violate the protective order you can be arrested for a felony and face five years in jail, even if you were invited and encouraged to come by the alleged victim. The alleged victim cannot invite you. Only the Judge can give you permission to return home or modify any condition originally ordered.

Attorney Bellenot will help you understand the process you are facing, protect you from making the wrong choice – which can be devastating – and minimize the impact to you and your family.

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