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It seems as if winter is finally coming.  Snowfall, warm fires, hot chocolate… all good things.  Unfortunately the reality is that winter weather makes for hazardous driving conditions, slower reactions and accidents.  The weather conditions are compounded by people in a rush because they had to scrape their windows clean, and often cleared just enough to see the road in front of them.  For whatever the reason, this is the time of year that car accidents increase.  When the weather or a condition beyond the control of all parties causes an accident or injures someone, there is a legal concept (Defense) referred to as “Act Of God”. In this case no one is at fault and each party is responsible for their own injuries or damages.

BUT…. Was the weather or condition the only factor contributing to the injury? Sometimes there are circumstances that contribute with the weather and other conditions. Maybe one of the parties can be held liable. You should always consult with a personal injury attorney before writing off an injury or damage as an Act Of God that you cannot be compensated for.

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