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1. MAXIMUM BENEFITS – You get more benefits and compensation with an attorney than without – period. I don’t care what they claim on their touchy-feely commercials, insurance companies are in the business of making money. They make money by taking in more money from premiums for coverage (and investing it) than they pay out in claims. Their not evil, but the longer they can hold onto the money and the less they can pay out supports their best interest – not yours. An attorney knows all the benefits you are entitled to and the fair compensation to be paid. Since your attorney’s fee is based on a contingency, you and the attorney have the same best interest. The more you make, the more the attorney makes. A good attorney is going to get the most they can get for you.

2. FASTER MEDICAL TREATMENT – It is amazing how fast the insurance company obtains medical information that they may be able to use to stop your benefits and yet how long it takes for them to obtain medical information that requests authorization for additional treatment (yes, that is sarcasm you hear). But even before you get to seek authorization for treatment, you have to obtain the correct paperwork from the doctor. And even before you can request the paperwork from the doctor you have to get in to see the doctor. And before the doctor can see you, he or she has to have all the information necessary. It takes a Herculean effort to timely facilitate medical treatment. Even when you have someone dedicated to it, it takes longer than it should. Everyone is always waiting for someone else to do something…. You are your own best advocate – unless you have an attorney advocate!

3. NOT HAVING TO DEAL WITH THE INSURANCE COMPANY – Let’s face it, who wants to deal with an insurance company? Even most insurance agents don’t want to deal with claims representatives. Even attorneys that represent insurance companies don’t want to deal with claim representatives. When you are injured, you are going through enough stress. Let your attorney call, fax, email, remind, plead, remind again, argue, re-submit information, threaten, and do anything else necessary to keep your case moving forward. You can then focus on getting better and getting back on your feet.

If you have a worker’s compensation case, please speak to a good worker’s comp attorney before agreeing to any settlements.  Contact us for for a free consultation

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