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My paralegal recently attended a presentation by the Chairman of the Workers’ Compensation Commission. He was primarily addressing the medical care providers but also attorneys and paralegals representing clients in workers’ compensation.

One great takeaway, among many, was the reminder that several doctors now create an electronic medical record immediately following the visit. As such, it may be possible to obtain a copy of the record prior to leaving. This will eliminate the need for the client or their attorney to later request the record and the need for the doctor’s office to locate and send it at a later time.

More importantly from my perspective, it will offer the patient the opportunity to review the record and note any mistakes or omissions that may be on there. Medical records often have incorrect or incomplete information. The earlier these can be corrected, the better.

It is in the patient’s best interest to request the record at the end of their visit and, if available, review it prior to leaving the office. If any mistakes or omissions are noted, it would be wise to bring them to the doctor’s attention at that time.

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