We have all experienced and read about the horrors of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other virtual meetings.   From work to school to family gatherings, complaints abound:

  • Loss of connection
  • poor audio
  • frozen face
  • “you’re muted”
  • camera off
  • Everyone’s talking
  • No one’s talking
  • watching people eat, drive, etc
  • video bombing by kids and pets
  • Clothing surprises
  • No clothing

The list goes on and on.  Now imagine trying to conduct a court hearing under these same conditions.  Imagine trying to cross-examine someone virtually.  Imagine trying to help your client tell their story.  Imagine trying to introduce evidence.  Imagine trying to give a closing argument.  It was not ideal to say the least and I, as a trial attorney, am happy to be returning to court in-person.

But, enough complaining!  There were some positives to the process from the client’s perspective.  Here is a list of the good stuff:

  • No commute to court
  • No waiting in the court hallways for hours
  • Clients had me all to themselves since only one matter scheduled at a time
  • My clients were at my office = more relaxed, comfortable, beverages and snacks provided
  • Client did not have to literally “take the stand”
  • Client did not have to testify in open court
  • If client got emotional, court often gave option to “take a break” which could be done in private
  • And the crowd favorite, clients were able to put stickies over the opposing party’s face

Alas, there is some blessing to be found in every struggle.  Here’s to the blessings.

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