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Divorce Matters – by Kathy Boufford

Divorce Matters: What You Really Need to Know When It’s Time to Get a Divorce

If you are thinking of getting divorced or about to go through one, you likely have many questions and concerns. How will it influence your daily life? How will it impact your children? How will it affect your finances? Written by family law attorney Kathy Boufford, Divorce Matters provides the answers and you need to navigate the process from start to finish in one step-by-step guide.

Based on the author’s years of legal experience, Divorce Matters discusses the practical issues to consider at the outset of a divorce. It explains how to find the right professional to help you with your divorce and walks you through how to prepare for your case, detailing all the elements you may be required to produce. It even strikes a hopeful note by showing how couples can bypass traditional litigation and end their marriage through mediation. It talks about contentious divorce-related issues such as children and finances, and outlines the process of negotiation, settlement, and trial. Finally, it offers guidance on divorcing a spouse who may be abusive or struggling with mental illness, and closes by teaching you how to pave the way for a happy post-divorce life.

Divorce Matters is meant to prevent you from making the common mistakes so many divorcing couples make and hopefully save you some heartache, time, and money. Going through a divorce may not be easy, but thanks to this book, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

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