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The Law Firm of Bellenot & Boufford: Serving Connecticut Since 1990

Helping You Through Life’s Trials” is not just our tag line, it’s what we do. The attorneys at Bellenot & Boufford, LLC have been representing the interests of our clients for over 26 years. Located in Monroe, Connecticut, the office most regularly services court matters out of Danbury, Bridgeport, New Haven, Milford and Waterbury. Attorneys Ronald K. Bellenot, Sr. and Kathy Boufford handle a wide range of legal services. Attorney Bellenot practices in the areas of BankruptcyForeclosureCriminal, and Personal Injury law. Attorney Boufford practices in the areas of Family and Workers’ Compensation.

It is not uncommon for clients to have more than one legal issue facing them. Sometimes the need for legal assistance in multiple areas is present from the start (such as Bankruptcy following a Personal Injury). Sometimes other needs come up later (such as Criminal issues while there is a pending Family matter). A big benefit in hiring Bellenot & Boufford, LLC is the ability of the firm to handle multiple legal problems. Not only does this eliminate the need for the client to have to hire multiple lawyers, but it saves the client time and money from having to provide duplicate information. When Ron and Kathy work together, they share and copy information with and for each other for the benefit of the client. They are able to quickly discuss issues or questions that may come up in either case. Clients are able to meet with both attorneys – either separately or together as needed – under one roof.

We have always provided free initial phone consultations. We think being accessible to answer basic legal questions and to provide an overview of the process and costs is really important to people thinking of hiring a lawyer. We know that facing a legal issue is often overwhelming and the prospect of hiring an attorney daunting. We strive to take some of that anxiety away by offering valuable information free of charge and free of any obligation.
If you are in need of legal assistance or information, call Ron or Kathy now at 203-304-9050. We will be happy to speak to you.

Involvement in the legal system can be intimidating and stressful. Whether you are facing a divorce, criminal charges, the workers’ compensation process or some other legal matter, having the right lawyer on your side can ease your mind while maximizing your chances of success.

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