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COVID-19 – WORKERS’ COMPENSATION – Rolling with the Punches

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COVID-19 – WORKERS’ COMPENSATION – Rolling with the Punches

The Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission has responded swiftly and reasonably in response to this health crisis.  The bottom line:  they are open for business and are hearing and addressing claims in a modified manner.

  • New claims are still being processed. Although time limitations have been suspended, DO NOT DELAY!!  There is no reason (barring medical incapacity) that the paperwork required to make a claim should not be pursued and completed.
  • Existing claims are still being processed. Insurance companies and attorneys are still working.  Issues can still be negotiated and agreed upon.  If agreements cannot be reached, hearings can still be requested.
  • Medical Treatment can still be obtained. Again, many doctors’ offices have modified procedures but are still treating people and responding to workers’ compensation Claimant’s needs.
  • Most hearings are still being conducted. But for the initial hearings that were continued while things were being figured out, most hearings that were scheduled are still expected to go forward.  No one other than employees is allowed in the Workers’ Compensation offices.  The Commission is conducting telephonic hearings.  Paperwork that needs to be reviewed by the Commissioner hearing the matter needs to be faxed ahead of time.  Attorneys are aware of the procedure.
  • Job searches have been suspended indefinitely. If you are out of work and are required to do job searches, you do not have to do them until this suspension is lifted.  You should still get your check.
  • Full and final settlements can still get approved. In lieu of a stipulation approval hearing, normally required, the Commission is accepting paperwork by mail.  There are additional requirements and affidavits that need to be filed and all signatures have to be notarized.

(I think I might have been close to the first occurrence for this as we got notice of the new requirements on Wednesday of last week, I got the opposing attorney to agree to come to the office to sign on Thursday, I then drove to my client’s house and had her sign the documents on the hood of my car and then proceeded to UPS store for overnight to Workers’ Compensation Commission.  The documents were reviewed and signed by the Commissioner on Monday!)

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