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Understanding Child Custody and Visitation

The Connecticut courts want to make certain that any outcome in your child custody or visitation matters is in the best interest of the child. Of course, they do not know your child. They do not know you or your spouse. Our lawyers’ goal is to work with you, work with your spouse and work with the courts to reach a solution that truly meets your child’s specific needs.

What Child Custody and Visitation Arrangements Are Available?

Custody and visitation agreements can come in many different forms. First of all, it is important to understand that there are two types of custody that need to be addressed: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody determines who has the right to make decisions on the child’s behalf. Physical custody determines where the child will live.

These types of custody can come in the form of either sole custody or joint custody. Sole custody means that all of the rights go to one parent, while the other may still have visitation rights to be involved in the child’s life. Joint custody is a split between both parents, although not necessarily an even split. We know the various options available and, after getting to know you, your child and your situation, our team will guide you toward the arrangements that make the most sense for your family.

Protecting Your Child During a Divorce

50 years of combined experience handling child custody and visitation cases

At Bellenot & Boufford, LLC, our Newtown attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience handling child custody and visitation cases for clients in Fairfield County, New Haven County and the surrounding areas of Connecticut. If you are going through a divorce, or you are involved in a paternity, custody or visitation dispute, the number one priority is to seek an outcome that will be in your child’s best interest. The experience offered by our lawyers means you can sleep soundly knowing that we will do what is right for you and your child. Our goal is to provide positive solutions for your case that are fast and effective.

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When you contact our law firm for a free initial phone consultation, you will discuss your child custody and visitation case with an experienced lawyer right away. We will give you the meaningful information you need to decide how you want to proceed with your case. We want to give you peace of mind from the very start.

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