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In Connecticut, domestic violence is defined as physical or verbal assault that occurs between people living in the same household or between people who are in a relationship who do not live together. In many situations, an allegation of domestic violence is made due to the emotions that arise in a separation or divorce situation. A domestic abuse charge will affect every aspect of a divorce case. This type of criminal charges may alter not only child custody arrangements, but also property division and other financial aspects of a divorce action.

Even a Minor Incident Can Turn Your Life Upside Down

Whether the alleged altercation involves yelling or physical violence, even a misdemeanor charge can be classified as domestic violence. When someone is arrested in these cases, he or she is ordered to stay away from the residence or the other person. This means that phone calls, emails, texts and even a message delivered by a third party are out of the question. It is critical to abide by this requirement because if a protective or temporary restraining order is violated, you can be arrested and charged with a felony.

Act Quickly to Ensure Your Rights Are Protected Every Step of the Way

If you have been arrested on a domestic abuse charge, you must be brought in front of the judge by the next business day. There is a separate docket for domestic violence cases, and the prosecutors assigned to these cases monitor them very carefully. You will also be required to meet with:

  • A representative from the family service department
  • A possible meeting with someone from the probation department
  • Someone from the victim’s advocate office
  • Other members of different programs, if necessary

Because there are so many moving parts to these cases, it is crucial that you speak with one of our attorneys right away. We can help you deal with the protective order. We can also help you manage the case in a number of different ways, including trying to get you into a program that you can complete instead of facing prosecution.

Providing Understanding Representation at a Difficult Time

Our lawyers understand that these cases are extremely emotional. We are here to help you make smart decisions. It is also advantageous to have a firm like ours on your side that can handle both the criminal and family law components of your situation. We can also assist with coordinating visitation and other issues.

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