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Monroe Lawyers Fighting Against Charges of Drug Possession

What Drug Have You Been Accused of Possessing?

Our attorneys can handle misdemeanor and felony drug crimes cases involving:

  • Marijuana possession
  • Cocaine possession
  • Ecstasy possession
  • Meth possession
  • Prescription drug possession

Our lawyers also defend children against accusations of juvenile delinquency because of drug possession or related crimes.

Skilled Defense Against Prescription Fraud Charges
We can defend against drug possession cases involving prescription pills that were not stored properly, which often leads to criminal charges, and against prescription drug fraud. Our lawyers will work to defend you from any charges related to drug possession and we will work to keep you out of jail and protect your criminal record.

Finding Solid Defense Opportunities in Drug Possession Cases
Experience is critical in drug possession cases. It is what allows us to find unique opportunities that less experienced attorneys might overlook.

Here is a common example: A young woman is pulled over for speeding and found to have drugs in her car. There is a traditional path that can be taken, which involves the defense attorney working with the prosecutor to cut a deal.

Our lawyers know that other paths exist. If the young woman is drug dependent, programs exist that may allow prosecution to be avoided through the successful completion of a drug treatment program even when other drug programs are not available. We know when such opportunities are available and we know how to utilize them to achieve positive results for you.

At Bellenot & Boufford, LLC, our Monroe attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience handling drug possession charges for clients in Fairfield County, New Haven County and the surrounding areas of Connecticut. If you have been accused of possessing marijuana or another illegal substance, you can breathe easier knowing that we have the experience necessary to build a strong defense for your unique circumstances.

Our goal is to utilize solutions that are not only effective, but fast. Contact us to get started building your defense.

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When you contact our law firm for a free initial phone consultation, you will discuss your drug possession case with an experienced lawyer right away. We will give you the meaningful information you need to decide how you want to proceed with your case. We want to give you peace of mind from the very start.

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