Dear Parents:

attorneyBe aware that even the best teenagers find themselves in trouble.

Visit: to learn more about what can happen and has happened to the best of kids.

Educate your children and be vigilant. This should avoid problems, but if something does happen, call us for help immediately. Don’t wait one day. If your child is in trouble, call 203-816-6662 or 888-752-6069 during normal business hours. After hours call 203-816-6662, even on Holidays and Weekends. If we don’t answer immediately we will get back to you fast.

Make sure his or her rights are protected and that all options remain open. In most cases we can put your mind at ease so you can sleep better that night. The call is completely confidential. And remember, this does not reflect poorly on you. We know. There is no reason to be embarrassed when talking with our office. Don’t ever be afraid to call. The sooner you call, the sooner you can put your mind at ease and the better we can help protect your child.


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